Isabelle Horlings

"Design is thinking made visual"

Hi there!


I’m a passionate, curious and driven Dutch Designer.

In my five years of study and career development in the United Kingdom I grew my experience and this portfolio on working with various disciplines in Design. Processing my knowledge and expertise in the Spatial and Service industry led me with the urge to solve complex cross global problems centralising the human need for change and improvement of ‘the broken system’ while transforming their experiences and interaction with the public and private sector. 


I’ve learned that practising good design isn't solely the outcome of a project (product or service) but the process, research, communication and methods used throughout that define  the value of success. 


In order to be successful in my practice I would challenge my strong voice and skills (concept, storytelling, human-centred response etc.) to build bridges.


Like, making people understand each other’s indifferences on an industry level while being able to strengthen ‘social’ networks and create an impact which in my belief and practise would be the most rewarding to achieve as a Designer. 



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